How many times in your life have you caught a bonefish and southern appalachian brook trout in the same week? In my 50 years, that would be once. Last week.

When the local weather gets hot and the streams get low, it's time to get out of town. That's what the wife and I did. Off to Andros. The weather is quite a bit cooler (mid '80's). It's off season there. Fishing lodges are closed, and the local guides are happy to have a client.

The scenery ain't bad.

My wife enjoys the rigorous schedule.

The fishing's not too bad either...

My wife manages to catch most of the good fish.

Occasionally I get lucky too.

My new nickname is butter fingers....

When we quit fishing each day, we head down to the local conch shack for some self-serve Kalik beers.

After two weeks, the island was running low on beer, so we headed back to the smokies for the weekend. I checked the fishing report and saw water levels were good. Saturday morning saw me on my favorite stream.

The first hour was very slow, but at 9 am someone rang the dinner bell and the rainbows starting taking the beadhead...

On Sunday, I thought I'd go back for a return visit, but found that overnight showers had turned the stream into ovaltine. I changed watersheds and went to a small jump-across brookie haunt. Sorry about the shaky pic - kalik withdrawal.

I only brought a couple to hand, but it allowed me to complete my first ever brookie-bonefish slam. Can't say which one was more fun to catch. Guess I'll need to try it again next year.