Home from a couple of days fishing Bald River. Is the world shrinking or is the water just low?

Had the same problem looking around Greene County where I grew up. I would have sworn the fields were bigger in the 1950s than they are now. Can't figure any connection to weather on that one. May be my eyes were bigger in the old days.

Chucky looked pretty much the same at Warrenburg Shoals, but the people were speaking what sounded like Italian to me.

Covered bridge over the Little Chucky looked the same, but someone moved the road and put a new concrete bridge over that little redeye crick. Used to be loaded with big redeye but what's left of my 165 cousins there say there's not much in it these days. Pity--down to about five dozens cousins according to latest head count (my grandpas had casual relationships with the concept of birth control).

I suppose you can go home, but that does not mean you will recognize the place. Going back soon. Aunt Onie will be 100 in a couple of months. Still sharp as a boot knife, and still carries one too. Interestly, she told me that Grandpa Kirk did more than make likker. According to her he once built a smoke house and he knew how to milk goats. He also used fish traps in the Chucky and Lick Creek once they made it against the law.