Ran across this today. Too bad rattlesnakes are not extinct...yet

CLAYTON (CBS ATLANTA) - On July 3, Jim Lane, 66, said he was out picking blueberries near Coleman River Road when he stepped into a bush and two fangs from a rattlesnake pierced his right leg.

"He must have been asleep, because I never heard his rattle," Lane said. "When he hit my leg it was almost like a sledgehammer. He almost knocked my leg out from under me. It shot blood out of the two holes - my fang holes."

Lane said he stayed calm, looked down at the snake rearing up to strike again and pulled out his pistol.

"I looked down and I saw his head and he already was under the bush ready to strike again," Lane said. "I didn't have time to aim my pistol, so I just drew my pistol, flipped my safety as I was coming out, and pow. Praise the Lord the bullet hit his head."

It would take one more shot through the head to kill the snake.

"I said, ‘oh no buddy' and I put the gun right down on top of his head and fired straight through his brain," Lane said. "I made sure the snake was dead before I took care of myself."

Once the snake was dead, Lane said he pulled out his pocket knife and cut two deep holes into his leg where the fangs went in and started cutting to release the venom.

"I was trying to bleed as much as I could, so I started stabbing myself to the bone," Lane said. "The doctor said it saved my life because I released the pocket of venom."

Lane's truck was parked about 15 yards away, he tried taking a step to get to the truck and fell flat on his face.

For 45 minutes Lane said he crawled to the truck trying to reach his phone sitting in the cab. When he tried to unlock the door he put in the wrong key and jammed the lock.

Since he couldn't call 911 for help, Lane said he crawled into the middle of the road and waited for someone to help him.

"I laid in a position where I was completely across that road, where somebody would either have to stop and help me, or run over me. At that point, it just didn't matter. I knew I was dying," Lane said.

A brother and sister driving down the road from a hike saw Lane and got him help. He said Alicia and Brian Hunnicutt saved his life.

"They were like angels," Lane said.

On the helicopter he had to be brought back to life three times with a defribulator.

After spending two days in the hospital Lane was released. He is currently walking with a cane and has a lot of swelling in his right leg, from his ankle all the way up to his thigh.

"I am getting better every day," Lane said. "I am just glad I am where I am - he (the snake) is where he's at, dead. I am about to get tears now. You don't know - you don't know how much you cherish life. I am so thankful I am alive today, and God gave me another second to be with my wife."