Went up to Forney Creek for a short trip before school starts back up for me tomorrow. This is my second trip up to this area. Both times, the number is fish is smaller but the size of the fish are good. I didn't take many pictures this time...wish I had.

I took a guy who had never backcountry fished and he caught a Park best for him...9.5 inch rainbow.

Found this in the morning when I woke up.

I will say this about the state of this backcountry campground. Campsite #71 was cesspool of filth. I found two kitchen size trash bags full of garbage hoisted on the bear cables, empty liquor bottles, beer cans, tin cans, a tampon applicator, bottle caps, toilet paper with sh*t on it, plastic bags, broken glass, an unopened can of Chef Boyardee, clothes left hang on some para cord, and much more all over the place. I packed out what I could but I couldn't take it all. I know it happens at most of the sites but it shouldn't and doesn't have to happen. I sincerely hope that with the new reservation system and backcountry rangers that are supposed to be funded will be able to alleviate some of this. It was rather disheartening to take a first timer out there and for him to see such a "crappy" site.