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Thread: 4000 ft., Tellico and Brook Trout

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    Maybe so, it just really got to me because there is a small contingent on this board of people who never post anything that is meant to be helpful or informative but rather only seem to feel like jumping in when they want to belittle, discourage, or otherwise insult someone because they made the mistake of fishing somewhere where others feel is for their own personal use.

    It gets kind of old after a while, especially when the report in question listed a general area and an elevation. If someone is going to get their panties in a twist over that, why even read this forum?

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    I would like to personally thank Breck for the post. I hope you keep them coming. Beautiful photos.......good choice of a net.........keep your chin up and keep fishing...........
    Here I walk slowly, deliberately, taking it one step, one trout, one sunset at a time. -Harry Middleton

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    Quote Originally Posted by mora521 View Post
    Lovely pic of the most delicious mushroom in the woods.If you have not eaten them I strongly suggest you give them a try.
    You need a life if you are serious about this.

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    Breck posted about morels a while back hoping to enlighten us figuring we were ignorant to this bounty of the spring woods.My post early in this thread about eating the pretty red fungus was in jest and he would know that,but I did not realize his limited mycologic savvy.Mea culpa.

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    Default Wierd?

    That was an odd discussion. Don't eat any mushrooms you are not familiar with and normal people would be happy to show you where the best place to fish is because we are not not trying to "catch them all". 700 and something miles of trout streams in the Smokies? Ten plus million visitors a year? You can catch just as many nice trout near three visitor's centers I know of as on Noland and Forney and not have to hike up the Hyatt Ridge trail to Raven Fork to find solitude without loneliness and a good day's fishing. Since some folks seem to think we are not supposed to mention specific fishing spots I will only say that any stream that feeds the Ocanaluftee is a good bet now.
    You can't stay dry and one temperature all your life! ROB

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    Smile A Little off topic

    I took a picture that I'll have to send
    People here are friendly and content
    People here are colorful and bright
    The flowers often bloom at night

    Amanita is the name
    The flowers cover everything.

    Just some old REM lyrics that were running through my head as I read this post

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Johnson View Post
    Since some folks seem to think we are not supposed to mention specific fishing spots I will only say that any stream that feeds the Ocanaluftee is a good bet now.
    Sorry to hi jack the thread, but I would love to speak to someone familiar with that side of the park and that watershed specifically. Preferrably someone that is more experienced, not another newbie like myself. I have stumbled on a few streams over that way and would like to know more about them. If anyone fits the above decscription, please e-mail me at MRL0004 at gmail dot com.

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    Anyone willing to share a recipe/ description of the Ray Ball fly and Smoky Mountain Candy fly? Thanks.

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