"You can tell where a man has been Or where he's going by looking at the shoes he's wearing.

purchased a pair of Korker Redsides a year ago. 2 -3 days a week on the water leave me with these facts.

- Most comfortable wader I own vs. two other well knowns.

- Using the felt with studs, make you feel like superman billy goat on any of rock or boulder no matter the rock or boulders angle.

- Have performed excellent as far as durability, fit and comfort.

My question: Fingernails on the chalk board!!! Can you tell my age? Anyway, studs scratching a rock come close to the chalk board as anything I can imagine.

What does this send to the lateral line of those I follow most? Am I missing most because of this. There has to be a Ying and Yang to anything one feels great about??

Not a statement here....but a genuine question by a young grasshopper.