I have cherished this conversation since you and I talked about it a couple of years ago. It's always a joy to hear! I could have lived right there with him, and been just as happy as a pig in mud. I love to hear stories about the way things were. My latest interest is studying the indians and the way they lived, both the one's here in Southern VA and the groups in NC and TN. I'll tell you, folks had a hard scrabble life, but, they didn't know that, and were just surviving. Now, in the world we live in it looks like heaven to some of us to not worry over "things", and just to make a living honestly, by your sweat, and be content to sit on the porch at the end of the day and think it all over.
My Grandaddy, and his before him were much like Uncle Lem. They worked a Tobacco crop, cut their own fire wood, dug their own wells, milked the cow, fed the hogs and chickens the feed that they raised and ground, and tended a couple of hives of bees. All of that, sun up to sun down, and I'll bet I worry over more things in a day than they did in a month! I miss that life even though I only knew a little of it as a child. I miss when there were no computers, and cell phones, and email, and on and on. Here's to Uncle Lem, my Grandaddy, and all of our forefathers, they would be miserable in the world we live in today. We would be better off in more ways than one if we lived in their world.