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Thread: First time on East Side

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    Default First time on East Side

    Spent part of this past weekend with the folks at a popular campground on the NC side. This was my first time past Newfound Gap and I was excited to spend some time on the water.

    Woke up to rain at 6:30 on Saturday. Rain doesn't sound near as bad inside an RV as it does in a tent! Crept out while everyone was asleep; while I was hoping to go after brookies, I was short on time so jumped into the stream after a short hike.

    Despite the rain the stream was very clear. Didn't seem too high but when I stepped out into the water the flow was quite strong.

    Managed a small camera shy rainbow before hooking up with this little guy. Just upstream was a short cascade with a likely holding spot on the far side of the stream. Threw my rig over and on the second toss a clinch sized rainbow turned over in the water. He wasn't interested after that but just the sight was exciting.

    After a short breakfast break, got back on the stream, this time with the boss.

    Things slowed down for several hours. Finally I said, 1 more fish and I'm done. Promptly caught a small rainbow but had left the camera along the stream. On the way out I decided to give it one more shot and get a picture. Stepped in to a likely hole, second cast and I had my largest park rainbow in hand. Wouldn't you know it, camera dies as I'm trying to take a picture!

    Great day and very much enjoyed this stream.

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    Ryan, sound like a fun trip....did you take the RV over?
    I don't think your pictures are working. Try uploading them to a photo site.

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    weird, I can see it on my screen...

    Trying again.

    The folks drove up earlier in the week and we met them Friday night. Came home Saturday. That's a great trail for kids. Even managed to take a stroller in about 1/2 mile.

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