It has been a very busy and long summer. I haven't been trout fishing since an early May outing to the Clinch, and I haven't been fishing in general since a bluegill trip on June 15th. Work obligations, family stuff, and a new house (honey-do's) have prevented me from getting out at all this year. So, when the wife suggested we send the kids to the grandparents house Saturday afternoon and we spend some time in the park I jumped at the chance. I elected to go to a small stream that was paralleled by a decent trail for a good ways so she could tag along as I fished. I honestly did not expect to catch anything, nor did I plan to spend too much time fishing as I wanted to spend additional time with her on this outing. Due to the amount of bag worms I saw in the trees I started off with a green weenie, but the water was so skinny I was having some difficulty presenting it properly. I went to switch to a yellow parachute Adams.... crap, didn't reload my fly box from my February outing. If there were a blue quill, quill Gordon, or BWO hatch I was prepared. Thankfully, I found a #16 Thunderhead and tied it on. Surprisingly, I started picking up some strikes. However, the time away from the water had significantly reduced my reaction time. After about 5 missed strikes I finally got dialed in and began picking up fish. I continued working my way up the small stream hitting every pocket, run, and eddy with what I would call good success. I continued until the stream began to veer away from the trail and I chose to call it a day.

My fishing time only lasted a little over an hour, but I picked up fantastic numbers in that short time. Granted they were all bows and ranged from about 7" to around 2", however it was awesome to feel a tug on the end of the line.

It was a beautiful day to be outside, and I could not have asked for a better fishing companion for the day. We had the stream and trail entirely to ourselves, which was a bit surprising based on the number of fishermen we saw along the road on the drive in. Hope others on the board were able to get out and enjoy the amazing day.

Until next time, tight lines and God bless.