I don't know that a jet boat won't be anything more than a new toy for the game wardens... most "offenders" park and walk to the water making them readily approachable by an officer patrolling on two feet.

By most accounts "offenders' are readily observed at the more popular areas closer to the dam then down to Millers. My son & his friends have never seen a warden and some of them have carried away a bucket of trout this year with many in the protect5ed slot length without a worry at all.

Sorry to call them "wardens" but that's what they are called in Maine where you can bet they are constantly on the prowl for violators and always seem to go the extra mile to make a bust. They are as thick as mosquitoes which serves as a deterant because you never know where they might be at any given time.

I don't know how many TWRA guys patrol a given area but have been on Douglas on a Saturday and seen as many as six at the Gator Point Marina enjoying the festivities, live music and fireworks, The Lakes seem to draw away their attention compared to stomping the banks of a tailwater and getting their boots dirty.