Shawn, how many members of your TU Chapter are on the same page with you and have you guys got a list of things that need to be done? I would treat it like eating an bite at a time...smallest and easiest fixes first. To improve any fishery, or restore one for that matter, takes a lot of effort and the Clinch is a big run of water. The way I see it, the first things you might want to consider is water quality, pushing for the enforcement of the slot limit, doing a lot of striper fishing, and compiling a list of the most troublesome spots. I don't fish the Clinch as much as I used to, but the area around the church has slowed quite a bit in the past couple of years, obviously the area from Peach Orchard to the 75 bridge has herds of stripers as well as people line up on the boat ramp with enough corn out in the water to feed a herd of cattle-blocking the ramp etc., miller island is/or at least was didymo heaven, and from there up you have folks by the multitude who are ignoring the slot limit. Trash is rampant at times, and the crowds are concentrated in these areas because of ease of access.

Can't stop people from fishing. It is their right I a am thankful for that right, but many who visit this body of water are not following the rules of the game.

Another thought is the water quality of Norris. No doubt the cleanest body of water in the TVA system which, at least in my thinking, reduces the amount of biomass particulates that filter into the water as it becomes the Clinch.

I am a member of the LRTU, and spoke recently about the trouble in Yellowstone. Having been hands on in the efforts to restore Yellowstone Lake, I see that bringing back what once was, to a degree, is impossible when you are dealing with other species, but if you are willing to commit yourself to it, and others will get on board, you can make a noticeable improvement. It will be like herding cats at times, but it can happen.