I haven't been to the backcountry since June, and have several new toys to bring with me on my next trip in early October.

The first new toy I am excited about is a a new stove. It is a little more heavy and bulky than what I had been using, but I think it is really cool. I finally got my Biolite camp stove in the mail last month. I really hate having to go out and pick up new isobutane canisters before every trip. I refill my lighters with leftover isobutane, but I still have a growing collection of these partial canisters. Sometimes I haul up 3 partial containers because I don't know how much is in each one. The Biolite will allow me to use the small bits of kindling found everywhere in the park for my fuel, and recharge my gps/water purifier/flashlights from the 2Watts@5V extra energy produced by the fire. How cool is that?

The other new toys for this trip include new sleeping arrangements. I will be sleeping in a hammock in the backcountry for the first time on this trip. The equipment will include a DD brand hammock. I upgraded the suspension to whoopie slings and strapworks' seatbelt polyester simple sling tree straps. I have a BIAS Buginator net, and a DD 9'x9' tarp to protect me from the elements. Needless to say I am very excited.

Have any of you picked up some new gear lately? The outdoor retailer show was just a couple weeks back, so perhaps you have your eyes on something?