If you like pictures, maybe you'll like video.

NDuncan and I headed to the other side of the mountain for some fishing and climbing. If you know the stream please don't name it. If you're dying to know where we were feel free to e-mail me. Just make sure you have legal access

This is my first attempt at vid editing so please be nice. I know the video is way too long, but maybe a few of you with free time will enjoy. I had to divide it into 2 parts. Unfortunately my camera died before getting to film NDuncan leap accrosss the river only to slip in above a Class 5.1 rapid and had a pretty close call. Did I mention he dropped his rod in the water when this happened, and luckily I was able to recover it as it temp hung on a tree in the river Also missed me sliding into Chest Deep water.
A GREAT day in the mountains.

And the video contains many F-bombs and other vulgarity so if your offended by this, or don't want your kids to watch consider yourself warned.

Part 1

Part 2

Have fun and be safe out there