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    Default High Country CO Adventure

    Being a teacher has definite benefits. Since I had today off, I figured I could do a long day trip yesterday and still have plenty of time to recover. I'm still getting used to the altitude and was not sure how hiking at high elevation would work out.

    The hope was to discover a few Greenback Cutts as well as whatever else the area had to offer. Being a holiday weekend, I was afraid we wouldn't find parking but there were still a few spots at the trailhead. Not more than half a mile up the trail, I just couldn't resist the beautiful high gradient stream and had to try my luck. It only took a few seconds to spot a nice little brookie. The water was super clear and the fish were hungry!!! Talk about a recipe for fun...

    The next 100 yards of creek produced some great brook trout action including a couple of fat males that were already putting on their best spawning colors. Brookies have this peculiar trait of being gullible but not always easy and so it was with these fish. As long as I gave them a good drag free presentation they would eat. At the first sign of deception they would refuse my offering.

    At times I had to just pause to take in the scenery. The aspen were already starting to turn high on the slopes above and a few close to the stream were changing colors as well. My camera was put to good use on more than just fish pictures...

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