Brown/Brook Trout: Spawning Notes

Many of you know that the brown & brook trout are pre-spawning or spawning right now and will continue through November. Although most of their efforts are in vain on the Clinch; I would love to see them have the best opportunity for results. I personally prefer catching brown trout. However; I am aware that this time of year is technically less sporting in catching them due to their vulnerability while spawning.

Here are some things I think we should consider and promote:

  • Do not harvest any browns during this time frame [Sept-Mar].
  • Obey the Clear Creek Off-Limits Zone.
    TWRA Trout Regulation: Clear Creek (tributary to Clinch River— Anderson Co.) Closed to fishing and minnow seining from Hwy. 441 upstream to the second dam (adjacent to the city of Norris water tower), as posted from Nov. 1–Mar. 31.
    [Report or post pictures of fishermen would are not honorable to this TWRA Regulation]*I know many fish mongers sneak in there at night and pull out numerous browns that are spawning. Also; I have witnessed many fly fishermen at the mouth of the creek targeting the spawners. It my mind; this is not sporting and is a lousy representation of one's fishing ethic.
  • Pay special attention to rehabilitate a caught brown before releasing them as they are in a fatigued state because of spawning/courtship.
  • Report violations by calling the TWRA Region 4 Office at (423) 587-7037. You may get a voice-mail que; leave a message anyhow to note/flag the issue for the officers to get public feedback on areas they need to focus on.
  • Be mindful of stepping of standing/fishing on any redds. Not that this is a huge issue; but, something to keep in mind in hopes that there could be some reproduction.
  • Post in this topic your descriptions of violators and tips!