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Is it all those cigarette butts floating down the river that gives indications that spawning is going on?
AS discussed here over the years at length there is thousands upon thousands of young of the year rainbows in the system right now. If the river wasn't red mud, it would be simple to go get a net full in most areas near the bank.

I am not referring to fingerling stocked size fish, but 2" long fish which came from naturally reproducing rainbows, since all fingerling stocks are larger and have been done months ago.

This has been going on for eons, and during the mid-late 90's I worked 3 nights a week with TVA biologists to help increase the success rates of fish spawning in the river during January and February. During that time period we surveyed hundreds of redds, and also collected thousands of eggs and sperm which we used to fertilize and ultimately raise around 700,000 fish annually. AT some point TWRA and Eagle bend fish hatchery took over the project and it lasted another year or two, then it was abandoned.

To the non-believers I pose a serious question. Anyone who has fished the river during peak rainbow spawning periods has certainly seen all the redds up and down the river. If you haven't than maybe a little eduction is needed in identifying redds or new sunglasses are required. The question which I want answered by the nay sayers, is that why these fish can't be successful?

I say it is impossible for them to NOT be successful, based on the simple fact that trout naturally reproduce in much harsher conditions, with much worse spawning grounds.

So make your case, and stop with the inane attempts to be funny. Man up and make your case.