Anybody know what the dude at the church was shooting at today? Ms. Annie and I were up at the island around 1:30 when what sounded like a twelve gauge opened up four times (no plug?) across the water down river from us. She beat a hasty retreated back to me and hid behind me (brave and smart dog, that girl of mine). As we were both watching down river some dude starts wading across the river after what looked like something flopping around on the other side. Once he gets there he starts firing again into the water as spray from the shot is flying everywhere. Never did get a clear view of what he was after.

Anyway, Ms. Annie and I slowly made our way back to the car keeping an eye open for Davy Crockett. Met another angler in the church parking lot who commented if we heard the shooting too. He did not see what the guy was after either and ask if Ms. Annie was okay because he thought the guy may have shot in her direction but we were way too far up river for him to be a threat, although I may have seen shot hit the water not too far from us.

Geez, scary day on the Clinch for two fish!