Thank you, David. I stopped in here to see some of your adventures and photography, along with Troutman's. I haven't been south in awhile, probably due to missing my friend, Olyn. I spent the first part of Sept. on a lengthy trip in the Golden Trout Wilderness and last year did another long walk in the Sierras that really put the tent to the test. If you forgo the stuff sacks and keep guylines to a minimum, you can carry just over 2 lb. , The extra weight is not a problem for me , and I add in a few extra Ti stakes, a footprint, some para-cord for strengthening guys. and a 6 sq, ft piece of plastic for the entrance/vestibule.I still end under 3 lbs. . Last year we hit some major mountain weather above 12,000 and thanks to some creative pitching, the tent held up very well and kept us dry and warm in some very nasty conditions. For shoulder season trips, it is a warm tent, the fly material seems very reflective. Temps in the 20's were bolstered up into the 30's. Just need to be wary about the condensation issues. All in all, I'm happy with it and have no plans to upgrade or change. I've been chasing GL salmon and landed the biggest one ever for me-a 49"er! Ill put some pics up after the steel season really kicks in.
I added this site into my favorites and will continue to read it. It's a great place from a great area. I miss the Little and the LP.