Fished the PO on the Clinch today and saw two different fellows killing several slot fish.... one cleaned, beheaded and gutted down river from the launch and Shawn took pictures. Perhaps he will post them here. One was a good sized rainbow head the other was the guts from a brown with eggs.

I have about had it with TWRA.... do they exist? What sense is there having "rules" if they can be easily and blatantly violated?

Isn't it against the law to disfigure a fish to make it difficult to determine it's length? Why are there not a bunch of large "interpretive signs" alomg the river so idiots who cannot read the law book have some idea as to the fines? Guess the chances of getting busted are zero.

These gutted fish would be so easily hidden in the boats used by the lawbreakers that I'm certain TWRA would not easily have found them.

The game wardens in Maine were totally committed to catching fish & game thieves and the penalties there were extremely pricey. Maine Wardens actually work weekends and get "comp time" for week days off duty.

My catch today was a bunch of small bows none over 9 inches, some as small as six.... does anyone know if these were recently stocked fish or might they be naturally produced?

Saw no stripers today; only sinners