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I'll second (or third or whatever) contacting TWRA. Having minimal experience on the Clinch, I cannot obviously guarantee that anything will be done, but I have reported overlimit issues to TWRA from a favorite striper/white bass/warm water spot further down the same river (including pictures of the car and license plates via email) and can say with much satisfaction that the people who were regular visitors (and violators) did not show up anymore... TWRA does have their problems, but given a good tip, they will usually take care of business...just my two cents...
Anyone who knows me, or reads much of my drivel here knows I despise TWRA for the most part.

However, their enforcement is pretty dang good, they are just stretched really thin. If given a solid lead they will follow up on it, trust me I know from experience. A few years ago some dipwad decided to throw my name around as running a deer poaching ring online, obviously I had no idea. Well one afternoon whilst relaxing I get a knock on the door, I get up to go see who it is and see 2 TWRA Officers, open the door to be asked if they could come in for a little chat. They searched my entire house, naturally found nothing, and left. Case closed, since I was 100% innocent and the victim of a scam.

My point is, they will do the leg work when given the chance and the time.

I have begged for years to add a river specific permit to our tailwaters, i.e. a CLinch Stamp, to fund a Clinch only GW. It has gone nowhere obviously, but I still believe it is a good idea.

Back to the subject, if you see someone breaking the law say something or pick up the phone. Coming to the internet to whine will never solve the problem.