Oldman and I just returned from a 2 day/1 night backpacking trip. We hiked deep into the back country for a little solitude.

After a brutal and very long hike, we quickly set up camp and then hiked a few more miles downstream and began fishing. The water was pretty low and the fish were super spooky. The fishing was pretty slow, but we did manage a few dozen rainbows and browns.

I caught this little brown on my second cast of the day.

Oldman landed this nice rainbow, I am holding the fish in the pic.

We finally headed back to camp, ate, drank heavily, and sat around the campfire until pretty late last night talking about all the important stuff guys talk about. These moments are what good times are all about.

We headed out early this morning and soon discovered that there were predators lurking everywhere and no one was safe.

Oh, the leaves are starting to bite pretty good now.