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Good theory there Wolfie, but, there weren't any trout in the Clinch until TWRA put them there. They wouldn't just show up from Melton Hill even if the conditions were correct. There is not one cutthroat trout in that river BUT the conditions are right for that species to exist there.

Now a long story I heard many years ago (back from the 80's)is that a bunch of old fart fly guys transplanted sulphurs into the Clinch as well...true, I don't know, but it would be a blast to try it. What's it going to hurt? Fish part of the day, turn rocks over, shake em into buckets and drive back to K'town and dump them. It's not like your introducing a harmful species into a macrosystem anyway. pH, temp, food source, and O2, what more can you want?

After we are long gone someone would be having a blast on some crappy weather days.

I clearly, and I mean clearly state that "inside a species' natural range". Last I checked rainbows and cutthroats have never existed anywhere near the Clinch river, nor has any trout ever been documented as occupying the Clinch river drainage until Norris Dam was built.

With your attempt to try and bring something in that can't survive obviously, what else might you transport in? How are you going to transport these bugs and keep them alive on a 3 hour drive? How much damage is potentially done to the host river where these bugs are collected?

All the above are legitimate questions, and the simple idea that if you bring them it will work, is forgetting about a million laws of nature and biology.

Try again.