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Thread: Green Drakes

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    Quote Originally Posted by waterwolf View Post
    The Clinch above Norris has great blue wing hatches, and has the same geologic structure as the clinch
    Maybe; I am not really sure about this aspect. The Clinch ecosystem from Coal Creek down is a different story. Once I get a more accurate measuring tool; I will try and detail some of my theories. If proven true or otherwise!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mstone View Post

    Have a great time out there in Idaho. I fished all the waters you mentioned there a year ago to the week. I love the area there. Silver Creek kicked my a$$$ again. I've yet to fish the upper Big Lost in Copper basin. That's for next trip I guess.
    Next time Silver is fishing tough, go to the sloughs and fish as you would above the Clinch's weir. Turns sad into glad!
    Or, pray for high winds and fish hoppers. Yum!

    It's 4:55, can't sleep, and my flight leaves at 7:00. Sheesh.


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