Had another GREAT day in the Great Smoky Mountains. Fishing was a little slow, but I caught my best park Brown, and it was just beautiful outside with the onset of Fall so I'm still wired at 10:30 as I type this.

Started out from a familiar place but headed in a different direction than I had ever been, and was soon surrounded by a lovely high elevation stream. Freddie laying low trying not to spook the fish in the clear water

Thought I might catch a few rainbows, but it turns out this is the one day I couldn't catch one

But I did catch a few Brookies

And a much prettier one

After making it a ways upstream, we checked the GPS to see if the gradient was going to be increasing soon. When we figured it wasn't we decided to head in another direction and save the rest of this creek for a Spring day. As we headed out we walked past a bog.

And since you guys seem to be into flowers as much as fish I don't want to dissappoint. I have no idea what it is, so feel free to let me know.

As we headed to our next destination we decided to sample a taste of another creek on the way. I'm sure glad we did

While this might be a small fish to some of you, to me it's my best park Brown. He took the dropper, immediately lunged and made 3 moves before I could really even react and luckily I was in the highstick position so he didn't get off. At that time I didn't even know what I had, then as I ran 10 feet downstream and finally got some good tension on the line I realized it was a worthy fish. He ran me through 2 more runs till I got him in shallow enough which finally put things back in my favor.