Ok so we need some reports, so I am going to post a couple of my most recent ones.

I went and hiked and fished thunderhead a couple of times in the beginning of Sept, and had varying success. The water was pretty low then, so this probably had some effect on the fishing.

One thing I noticed when I got out there on Sept 3, is that they had recently cleared the manway all the way up to where it crosses Long creek (after long creek it wasn';t very over grown or anything anyway.

While I appriciate that they cleared the fallen trees that were laying across the metal bridge and the across the trail, I was kind of sad to see the rhodo tunnel disappear.

One thing that I think is kind of a bad idea, is they clear alot of mostly buried logs from the trail. These logs were acting as soil dams and holding a lot of dirt that will probably get eroded away from the trail come spring. They weren't a hindrance to hike around, and like I said they probably did more harm than good removing them.

Anyway the fishing was pretty good on the 9th, not so much on the 3rd,

caught this little guy

But there were also some decent ones

Great part of the stream to be on

Another local resident:

And another for good measure: