Also in the Tremont area, but heading left at the fork in the river....

First day of Fall Fishing - Gotta chase some Brookies!!!
I went up to Sam's on Saturday. I left Knoxville around 1 and as expected, the parking area was a zoo. As I hiked up to Sams, however, I was greeted by more and more spider webs. The water was still up from the rain, but not as much as I would have liked.

Since the leaves aren't changing yet at the lower elevations, I'll give you a bunch of pictures of some fall colors that are already becoming abundant!

The fish were mostly hitting the dropper:

The fishing was more or less consistant, with about one fish taken per run, but the water was pretty clear and they still spooked very easiliy

Some were porkers, and some were skinny tykes, like this guy:

Some days, I'll fish all day and take just a few pictures, this day I took a lot more fish pictures than usual.

This guy took the dry and rewarded me by hopelessly tangling up my dropper (but nice colors!)

And more natives:

This guy had a little bit of a pinkish tint to his body

Some of these fish seemed to have just undergone a growth spurt because their fins seem small for their body size.