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Thread: Caney Fork- Uh Oh

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    Quote Originally Posted by waterwolf View Post
    I have no issues with a use fee, and that should probably be implemented to make all of us have some skin in the game.
    I think that's the main goal here, to allow people to equally enjoy the river and right now one user group is being enabled to "enjoy" the river at the detriment of others who are actually paying for the resource. If the canoe companies were more responsible in encouraging their clients to clean up after themselves and use good manners on the river, then I wouldn't have any problem with them operating. The river is getting absolutely trashed though.

    Lots of problems along the lines of what Grumpy is talking about as well. Eventually I'm afraid there will be a disastrous confrontation on the river that will give one use group or the other (or both) a bad name. Something needs to be done for sure...
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    That's a tough situation for sure.

    Having guided on the Hiwassee for years, I've grown quite complacent of recreational boaters. We see thousands every day from Memorial day through Labor Day. I used to want to strangle them all, then I realized the fish also got used to them to the point that they'd eat right behind them. Also, the Hiwassee is plenty wide enough to allow us to get away from the prime whitewater runs. All in all its kindly an aggravation, but overall doesn't really effect our fishing.

    Now, applying the same boat traffic to a smaller river that lacks an abundance of lines presents an obvious problem. I float the Caney from time to time but it's typically always between November and March when the crowds are not that bad. I couldn't imagine trying to fish there with that traffic during the summer, much less taking clients down the river.

    I agree that a resource shouldn't be limited to a certain demographic, and should be open to all. However, when you add a commercial aspect to it, you come up with a situation where private stake holders can pimp out the river with little to nothing going back into the resource. Unless you count the litter as something going into the river. Add to the mix that the rental companies do nothing to discourage alcohol use while in their equipment and you come up with even more problems.

    Tough situation for sure and I wish the Caney anglers the best of luck in coming to an acceptable management practice with TWRA and TWRC.

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    I've never been on the Caney but enjoy kayaking and fishing on the Clinch. I could see a per person fee charged to an outfitter but would be opposed to a fee imposed on an individual who hauls his own boat to and from the river.

    If the issue is people trashing the river in the process of kayaking I would presume there are laws on the books to deal with that (needs enforecement, however).

    Education seems to be the way to go - something similar to trail right of way signs and advice on how far and which direction to pass a stationary object on the river (wading fisherman or drift boat holding in place).

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    I pay a fee for my boat since it has a motor, I think that if you use a boat on Tennessee water ways it should be registered regardless if it has a motor on it or not. If you use a resource for profit like the canoe rental places then they should have to pay a fee as well. I understand a few canoes or kayaks coming down the river is no big deal but on the Caney it has gotten to be overbearing. Imagine fishing at Millers Island and from 8:30 am -5:00 p.m every Saturday and Sunday and some during the week with a constant stream of kayakers and canoes coming buy you having water fights, yelling, slapping paddles on the water, bumping in to you, floating over your line and leaving tons of trash on a river you love to fish. You would be frustrated too.

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