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Thread: Travels came full circle after 12 yrs!!

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    Default Travels came full circle after 12 yrs!!

    Rock crawled a in this area 12 years ago with my 81 CJ 7 and my kids grew up camping in this beautiful place. At the time not a Trout enthusiast, knew not of the effects of off roading near trout streams. Today however, enlightened and know more. It was great, to return to this area which has since been closed to off roading and I was able to see these waters in a different light.

    This pointed me in the right direction!!

    I can say I have returned to this sacred place a changed man in my way of thinking about this environment!!

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    Cool report Breck. Its always interesting to see the different directions that life takes us. Love that first picture of the "arrow" in the sky btw....
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    Breck, awesome report!

    BTW, those pics are excellent quality! Looks like you're getting the photography down!

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    Great pics and story Breck! Still need to get you on the Clinch or a little tailwater action!
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    What are all those leaves doing on the ground and on all the rocks this earily in the year?

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