Just got back from fishing the Pere Marquette near Baldwin, Michigan. The salmon run I understand has been slow this year but a recent rain did provide a meaningful rise in the water to cause some fish to push through. The catch and release and flys only section provided sufficient action. This is my first time fly fishing for King Salmon. I keep hearing they don't bite and most are caught by foul hooking. It is true a good many anglers try "lining them" . That is they try to get their leader near the fishes mouth and foul them them. I found with patience enough take a fly such as an egg pattern. I started with my eight weight rod and 2x (12 lb) tippet. It was difficult to land a fish. Next time I will take a large net. I did manage to land a couple. The next day I went with a nine weight rod and heavier tippet. The nine weight rod seemed the way to go.