Just got back from Central Idaho.
Fished out of tiny Mackay ID and also Ketchum (Sun Valley) ID.
Fished a 300 cfs tail water in Mackay called the Big Lost. It was surreal! 30+ fish days with bwo hatches lasting for hours! I never went smaller then 4X even when fishing #18 zebras. What an incredible river.
We fished the highly technical Silver Creek spring creek and actually did quite well by fishing a unweighted #20 PT under a bwo dry. No giant browns though.
If you can catch fish on the Clinch's sulphur hatch you can do good at Silver for sure.
We then went to Ketchum and fished a fair sized freestone called the Big Wood.
I haven't fished there since '07 and boy have people found out about this place!
It was like the Little River on a pretty weekend.
Once we found some water without fishermen our catch rate really went up. I was fishing a brown/copper zebra under a large "purple haze" dry. The majority of fish were taking the zebra cause of the bwo presence there.
The 'Lost and the 'Wood both gave up a couple fish in the 20" range and Silver gave up some around 16".
Great fishing, scenery, food , drink, and camaraderie!
When I actually touch my desktop VS my iPhone, I'll post some pics.