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I agree, saw some good browns in a few different runs staging on Friday. The water was extremely low where I was fishing, and the fish were ultra spooky because of it. Haven't gotten out much this year at all, but it was my least successful outing of the year. Regardless, it was a beautiful day to be out and the leaves are starting to do their thing. I would like to go back in a week or so, but I am not to enthused by the upcoming RV gridlock associated with October. Unless I can get up there on a Tues/Wed, now that is an option...
I think as their minds start to get to spawning they'll use less caution. The rain will help too with increased flows helping mask us with more current. But browns will be browns and won't stand for our intrusions if we take one step to many.
Hope you get out more this fall.I think if we receive the right amount of rain and conditions hold. It could prove a great fall with the fish and foliage.