This Saturday I will be at Trout Unlimited Fall Trout Festival hosted by Riverside Fly Shop on Hwy 69 northeast of Jasper, AL. We will be talking about fly fishing in the GSMNP (duh…). Insofar as I will be the only Tennessee Vols fan in attendance, I would like say there is a need on my behalf for a little Orange Support. Tennessee fans always have been treated like second class citizens in the Yellowhammer State, but since Saban arrived in Ttown, things have become intolerable. If you can believe it, I am required by law to have a George Wallace bumper sticker on my vehicle.

By the way, back in and back out of the hospital again. The doctors, and they now number over a dozen, tell me that the infection I picked up over on the Hiwassee River darned near killed me. I tend to think it was the government taxed likker. Anywho, the next issue of Southern Trout is about out. We trudge forward.