For the second time in a row we get a decent rain in the mountains and I hope to go kayaking. But no, all the rain is sucked up by the carst, soil, trees, and undergropund aquifiers, and 12 hours later the streams are perfectly clear and already dropped out.

Well while this would be no good for kayaking, I knew it was time to grab the rod and head for the mountains. Tried to meet up with Freddie, but he was heading for the SoHo, and his 6:45 Knoxville departure time didn't tempt my towards the tailwaters

So off to the mountains I went

Hit LRO for some more Frog's Fanny (never seem to buy enough for myself) and a few flies. Paula insisted I take some halloween candy for my twins (they love the fishing store), and I was on my way.

Passed two hikers on way in, and asked if they saw any fisherman. They had seen one guy upstream, and 10 minutes later seeing a guy hiking back down had ideas of having tyhe stream all to myself. Unfortunately he told me of another guy, and then 3 more guys heading that way so he didn't even bother. I wasn't about to change plans and thought I may have to do some more hiking and maybe even hit the headwaters stream but I was heading up the creek.

While this would normally be considered low to med flow, with the lack of rain we have had the last couple months it felt like Spring

Came to a crossing and found only 1 set of boot prints. Turned over a pretty good fish in the pool above as I did a sampling, and searched for more prints. At next good pool was another fresher set, and two minutes later I caught up to 2 people. The fisherman immediately told me I could have the water right in front of him, and I asked how much longer he was going to be fishing. He said a couple hours so I said I would give him plenty of fresh water and hike upstream. After working up a good sweat I made it to a good drop in place. Within a minute I landed my first fish of the day.

Within a few more minutes I finally found one properly dressed

Most of the fish I was catching were around this size. But they were biting like crazy

A few were more formal than others