Enjoyed a beautiful day on the Soho; only landed one brown, very colorful & no hatch where I fished but it sure beats staying home.

Had not fished it since last March and found it pretty much the same; crowded. Fortunately I found a new spot to try and found myself alone which was nice though I had to sit out for a while during the pulse.

Tried Hugh's TAN WULFF STYLE DRY with his split case on a dropper but struck out. Broke off a nice one on some ledge and pretty much threw all kinds of stuff to little avail.

Then two young fellow dropped down from above me and started catching fish fairly reliably; later found out they were from "away" and had never fished this water and were throwing San Juan Worms! Go figure? I spose I will try them next time.... never tied one or tied one on my point but I'll certainly give em a go next time I visit.

A long ride from Sevierville.