Fall to me is a lot of things, but since I have started fly fishing, one thing is usually on my mind.....trout, the brown variety to be exact. With that in mind, I planned to head north hoping to catch some browns. Had plans with a friend to fish out of his drift boat, but he wussed out because he now has titanium screws in his hand or some other lame excuse. I told him it would make him stronger, but he wasn't buying it. I took off work Thursday and Friday to hit my favorite tailwater and then head over to NC Friday night to spend the weekend fishing with some guys from The Drake. It was a long drive, but anticipation and adrenaline kept me going.

I arrived Thursday afternoon to find that they were generating and when I could wade and fish safely would coincide with when I planned to meet up with a friend to fish anyways.

We had a good time and I learned a lot. Namely that I need to cast further. Had a few good hits that scared me a little, but never could connect. I still had a good time, even though TVA screwed us.

Got in around midnight and planned to fish Friday morning before they started generating. Once I got up there, the generation schedule for Friday was posted and they were generating from 9am-10pm. So I had from 7am to 9am to fish. TVA sucks.

I made the best of what little time I had, but no big ones...

This guy had obviously already been hooked....

Once generation started, I had about 3 hours to run and fish down low before the water arrived. I fished for most of those three hours without catching a thing.

At least the scenery was nice...

Even though TVA was largely to blame for lack of time on the water on this trip, I still caught some fish.

Left after lunch on Friday to go ahead and make my way over to NC. I stopped along the way and met up with a friend for some small stream fishing.

Saw a really cool old bridge: