I had a wonderful time in the Smokies lately. Two weekends ago, NDuncan & I headed to Forney for an overnighter at campsite 69. Wednesday Freddie and I got to fish above Elkmont, and last weekend I got to take the family to Smokemont for the boys first overnighter at Smokemont. While some say to stay away this time of year, I can never get enough of the Smokies and find myself coming back again and again

I've been trying to get more reports up, but my twins seem to always have other plans

After realizing the rains on Tuesday didn't really amount to anything we were just looking for a place that had some water to catch a few trout.
On the drive up we stopped at the most popular pool in the Smokies, and while we didn't see Lynn's 30 incher, we did see many fish. I saw 11 at one time, with one easily over 20 inches (and those were the ones we COULD see). We didn't even try to tempt these guys and headed up the trail to try and catch a few

Quickly realized it wasn't our territory and we could just visit.

Hit the river and immediately the fishing was good

For the next 20 minutes it was on! There was a point I caught 3 fish within 3 casts

Some were hitting the dry and some were hitting the dropper

I missed two nice fish, one of which was a beautiful Brown who taunted me as he flashed those polka dots at me. Neither of the big fish ever came back, even to look, after the first cast.

Here Freddie works a nice run

To be continued