The trees have shed their leaves at higher elevations, but based on the weather you would assume its still early fall. This past weekend featured high temperatures around 80 on the plains with the mountains warming up to 60 or better except in the highest of elevations where snow has fallen. I had to get out and do some camping since I had not been yet since moving out here.

My destination was far enough from the Front Range urban corridor that I more or less had the place to myself. The campground only had maybe 5 other sites occupied and I only saw one fisherman the whole weekend in the area I was at. The elk were still out and about bugling and doing their thing.

The Orionid meteor shower produced a few "shooting stars" for me to see although I never did capture any with my camera. The sunset was a different matter, and I enjoyed watching an amazing display of color as the sun sank behind the mountains.

The browns were aggressive towards streamers which made the fishing game a lot more interesting. I also saw some browns out watching for insects during the afternoons but never bothered to tie on a dry fly. Why change what's working?