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    Smile Overnighter to 69

    Due to wifes car beaking down on Friday night, I thought I might have to cancel my trip with Nathan for an overnighter to campsite 69, but thanks to a good friend who let me borrow his old truck we were still able to make the trip. Picked up Nathan and got up to the mountains just in time to beat most of the crowds. The last few miles of the trip were in the clouds.

    It was nice to get out of the parking lot

    The work by the trails forever crew made this path look very different from the last time I had hiked to Andrew's Bald.

    Basically just a set of stone steps that should last indefinately

    There was also some fungus amung us

    And signs of fall were everywhere

    It's just a beautiful time of year

    Some cool train parts at the campsite

    And the target stream

    And Nathan giving it a go

    A few victims, but the fishing was pretty slow

    And this monster


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    Smile Continued

    I soon caught this guy who has seemed to survive a horrific attack at one time.

    Enough keepers for Nathan's dinner, but nothing of any real size.

    Back at camp Nathan pulled out some beer for both of us.

    Here was his catch cooking on the fire

    I prefer chicken and really wish I liked fish

    The next morning I caught a little rainbow out of Huggins

    We then packed up and headed for water further up the trail

    Nice little section of stream.

    A few of these guys, but again the fishing was slow

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    Smile Continued more

    That last one took some belly crawling

    Streamside trash

    Tough on the eyes

    Unfortunately the fishing was now over - And time to strat climbing!

    I was getting pretty tired when we met up with the Bald trail. Nathan described it as a mile long set of steps, and that was what it felt like.

    Glad to be back at the car and headed for food and home!

    Great times in the Great Smokies.

    If you need even more pics:

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    Very nice. Living vicariously through you, thanks.

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    Great to see that stream! That was my first trout fishing and backpacking trip of my life a little over 15 years ago. I don't beleive we caught a single rainbow even down at 69. I still remember those pools and that slide. That hike was a killer on some virgin hiking legs and the soles literally fell off of my new timberland boots. I remember I went back about 5 years later and couldn't catch a brookie around 69.

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