Due to wifes car beaking down on Friday night, I thought I might have to cancel my trip with Nathan for an overnighter to campsite 69, but thanks to a good friend who let me borrow his old truck we were still able to make the trip. Picked up Nathan and got up to the mountains just in time to beat most of the crowds. The last few miles of the trip were in the clouds.

It was nice to get out of the parking lot

The work by the trails forever crew made this path look very different from the last time I had hiked to Andrew's Bald.

Basically just a set of stone steps that should last indefinately

There was also some fungus amung us

And signs of fall were everywhere

It's just a beautiful time of year

Some cool train parts at the campsite

And the target stream

And Nathan giving it a go

A few victims, but the fishing was pretty slow

And this monster