Well after enduring last weekends physical pain from hiking up and down Clingmans for the Forney Creek trip, I decided, that since I must have a penchant for abuse, to subject myself to psychological pain and head through Gatinlinburg, around the Motor Loop to fish roaring fork.

First let me say, I knew heading out what I was about to put myself through to get there.

When I got to exit 407, there was no traffic going into sevierville (so far so good). THe traffic heading out to 40 was gridlock.

Got to PF bypass fine and on to the Spur. Which was going 10 mph. It was backed up even through the bypass which was only marginally faster. all of the traffic was headed up newfound gap road so I quickly found myself in Gatlingburg.

I was quickly reminded of Duckypaddlers words

So the Motor loop was crappy, but I have seen it much worse. I finally made it to the point where I was going to jump in and started fishing

Success! Took the orange neversink!

I found that despite the bright sun and clear skies and clear water, they were hitting pretty consistantly.

They like that dropper.

Scenery is nice:

The fishy wave:

Here's a littler one who took the dropper:

Fished up to the junction with Enloe Branch. Both streams seem to be equal size here (small and tight) and I didn't feel like getting frustrated so I worked my way back down towards the road. The nice thing about this part of the stream is it is still big enough to be fishable and secluded enough that you don't really hear much traffic.

Obligatory Leaf pictures

So I was kinda tired by this point but I decided to drive down to where the bridge crosses Roaring Fork by all of those buildings where all the tourons park and take pictures, so I decided to give them a little show.

I first went down to the creek right below the bridge and on the first cast pulled in a 6.5" rainbow. Just ensure the illusion would remain in their minds, I quit fishing at this point. No need to show them that that is what happens everytime, right?

Then I decided to decided to clean the fish I had kept earlier streamside and let them get a look at that. I definitely through in an 'examination of the stomach contents' for added effect. One of them had belly full of lady bugs, which I thought was strange.