Enjoyed a great week floating and wading on the South Holston river last week. The water schedule was all over the place, but there was plenty of fishing done. Sulphurs were spotty and the blue wing olives were pretty numerous.Saw some micro caddis and one afternoon saw a big cranefly hatch. The bigger browns are on the move, maybe not feeding much, but I spotted some good ones. Small dries with even smaller nymphs dropped off seemed to work well on the slower water. The fish were up on dries really well a couple of days on high water, with takes on almost every cast for a short while. Streamers worked okay too, but not as well as expected.Caught some really beautiful browns and rainbows on this trip.Hats off to the Project Healing Waters that had a day on the river on Saturday. Those folks sure deserve that. We spoke to quite a few as they passed us in guide boats on Saturday.It wiil probably be February before I will get back up there. Waterfowl season is getting closer...bring it on.