I went on Sunday with Duckypaddler up to Twentymile. We left knox around 2 and after the slow drive over the dragon arrived to find the place pretty empty.

We started fishing from the highway 28 bridge (inside the park border) and worked our way up. I was fishing an orange neversink with a pink weenie dropper, and I think Ducky was fishing with a different dropper.

The fishing wasnt amazing, but we did manage to catch a few.

I lost I think two or three really good sized fish that I had good hook ups with. I think every fish I caught was on the dropper, which wasn't the same for Ducky. I know he caught some good ones, and probably a couple that were bigger than my best for the day.

Up from the big blow down along the trail (the one that has been there forever above that big pool) it looks like the 7/4 storms wreaked havok on that area. It is more or less unfishable for a good ways up (compared to how it was before) because there a TON of trees down in the stream. We fished some above that until it was too dark to see the fly very well.

Maybe Ducky has some good pictures to add to this