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Kinda got a little p.o.'d this past Friday myself and have decided to use my pontoon boat to avoid the crowds on the Clinch and also to avoid the potential for confronting rude inconsiderate fisherman. I was re-rigging my flyrod, sitting in my pontoon boat at he lower end of the "conga" line out in front of the canoe launch, when I looked up and saw 2 spinfishers move down below me and then upstream directly in front of me about 50 ft. I coudn't believe it and started to let them know what they had done, but my wife tells me I can be too blunt and a real a--hole at times, so I decided to take the highroad and just float down below them, when instead I wanted to put a hook in their hats. So, I am going to avoid the crowds, but next time ,should it happen again,I will educate the ignorant,,, cause as Woodrow Call said, "I hate rude behavior in a man, I won't tolerate it!"


That is unfortunate that your day was tainted by some inconsiderate spincasting fisherman. Sadly enough, a good number of us who like to fly-fish have had similar experiences like this on the Clinch and other rivers as well. Recently, I have had a situation arise further south, where a fellow fly-fisherman walked up-stream on the opposite side of the river while the generators were turned off and literally started casting into the same pool I had been working for over an hour. After a few verbal exchanges over his unprofessional and disrespecting conduct, he remained un-phased by my remarks and was not going to move on. With that, I simply tide on 4x tippet with a weighted wooly bugger, casted over his dry-fly on 6x and broke him off. He got the point and after calling me a few explicative’s, moved down stream out of site and without further incident. The point of bringing this up is that there are inconsiderate people out there regardless of what river you are on and are not limited to spincasters in a boat or others chucking lead from the banks. I have put in at the Peach Orchard launch and floated down stream via canoe and fished the shoals with little to no pressure what so ever. After the generators are turned on, drifted on down stream and had great success with both streamers and dry sulphurs again with little to no pressure from others on the water. Perhaps you should consider that path.

Additionally I have found that fishing the Hiwassee and Tellico during the Delayed Harvest has certainly limited much of the activity associated to spincasters and lead throwers who are out there simply attempting to fill a creel basket. Maybe you should venture to some of these more protected waters during this time to avoid crowds as well.

Just my opinion for what it is worth.

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