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    Smile 7'9" TFO Finesse

    I am considering a 7'9" TFO finesse 3 wt for the spring. I have a 8'9" finesse 5 wt and really like it but I fish Wills creek in North East Alabama most of the time ,its narrow and lots of trees that i seem to find on a regular basis. I though a shorter rod might help( i also fish the smokies pretty often). Is the action on a shorter rod a lot differnt? I have never used ashort rod at all. I thought i might go by LRO and cast some and see. I also have a TFO Professional 4wt 8ft that i like ok and am cosidering going up a line size to see if I like that better. I would appreciate any advice. When I buy I'll buy from LRO.

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    I have a TFO 7'9" 3wt Finesse series rod that is my go-to rod for pretty much all freestone mountain stream fishing. I have it paired with a WF3F Rio Gold line, and it casts like a dream (for me, at least). I sometimes switch over to a slightly stiffer 4wt when throwing heavily weighted tandem nymph rigs and on the tailwaters, but I use the 3wt Finesse as much as I can. I love that rod. Some folks seem to prefer a longer rod for high-sticking, but I've never found the 7'9" length to be a problem. Try it, I think you'll like it.
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    Personally, I do not think you need anything over 8' for wade fishing-excluding HS as previously stated. However; a longer rod is useful for some people when fishing from a boat.

    The key is getting it paired with a good line taper. I would look for a shorter line and line taper if you are fishing the tight streams and utilizing shorter casts. You will find that accuracy and control are phenomenal.

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    After fishing Cataloochee one day with my 9 foot 5wt and hitting my rod tip on overhead limbs, I got a TFO 7'6" 3wt pro. Love it for tight streams, use 4wt Wonderline, casts much better than 3wt line. It would be a good idea to try different rods before you buy, I cast a 3wt 7'9" Finesse and it was a little slow for me, but everybody's different. The shorter rod is also nice when your hiking a few miles.

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    i don't know about the tfo rod in mention but i just bought a 7' 7" scott g2 3 wt and wonder why have i owned anything else for the smokies. the shorter rods are definately nicer on the small streams. especially brookie fishing
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