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Thread: Ah been thinkin'

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    I was thinking that if it was a floater that anyone used, I might try tying some parachutes. Doesn't seem to be getting a lot of votes as a dry. Thank you for your response Mr. Paddler. You re right (as usual) about the magazine article. Don K. started this thread and I was just trying to poke him some to finish it with some useful information. Fishin is slow around here and I have read all his books.
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    Default last thoughts on Yallarhammar

    This is just a WAG (wild *** guess) on my part, but the Yallarhammars we used to buy and fish in the late 1960s and 1970s had the plump peacock herl wrapped bodies and rather short hackled collars were fished wet. Even then you could get them tied weighted or not weighted, with the latter being what the old tyers said that they personally preferred. We fished them wet in tandem, usually with a Tellico Nymph. The catch rate was about 50/50.

    The full palmer patterns appear to me to suited for fishing on top or subsurface. Most of the ones I have seen are tied using long wing splits that many tyers back then simply discarded. Kirk Jenkins and Ernest Ramsey both told me you got less than a half dozen “decent” Yallarhammars from a single wing. I recall Kirk having only the peacock herl versions, while Ramsey had the those and full palmered version. Kirk was more of an artist at the vise, while Ramsey tied and sold flies as sideline to his cockfighting business.

    Which is older I do not know.

    I do believe that the old tyers understood what made a dry fly pattern set atop the water—fine neck hackles and a stiff tail—which clearly is not what you get from a soft hackle Yallarhammar. By the way, I am very flattered that so many of you note having read my books. Thank you.

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