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Thread: water purifier bottles

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    Default water purifier bottles

    I'm looking to lighten the load a little while blue linning.I'm thinking of getting a Katadyn purifier bottle & would like some in put on the bottle please.
    Thanks Dennis
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    I bought 2 of them last summer. One i used while fishing, and the other my son used on a NOLS course and periodically on other backpacking trips. My first few thought on them are, try something else, overpriced, limited volume and water flow, angle you have to hold the bottle to get any water out of it is un-natural, and limited protection In general not worth the cost.
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    I use an Aquamira filter bottle and love it for day trips. I leave it empty and only fill it when I want to drink. I've found that I will actually drink a decent amount of water now , compared to when I used to just carry in 1 water bottle, or have to rely on a pump filter. Not bad for $29.95.
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    I just picked up an Aquamira Bottle today just couldnt swallow the price for the other one.I will be giving my new bottle a try this Sat. in the S.N.P.
    Thanks to all for the input Dennis

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