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Thread: Hot Pattern for Winter Midges!

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    Post Hot Pattern for Winter Midges!

    Subject: Midge Emerger Pattern *YouTube video Link

    Just thought I would share this pattern again for those that are interested and for those that enjoy fishing dries and emergers. This pattern works great during the winter midge hatches. Just change your colors to match the hatch if you want to be more specific. However; black works very well most of the time.

    • Be sure and coat with some type of floatant gel/grease before wetting the fly.
      • Then, coat your tippet with Gink (Wet) sinking gel to ensure the tippet sinks.

    • Follow up intermittently by drying the fly with dissect-ant powder to maintain a good float.
    • Don't be afraid to cast right in to a rise with this fly.
    • Use slight bumps to entice takes.

    Pattern Tying Instructional:
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