Some days instead of jumping over rocks and dodging brambles and brush, its nice to just chill and do sme serious bank fishing. Yesterday was that day for me and was absolutley perfect for that. I was fishing in town and the day was winding down about 4:00PM, the only people in sight were an older gentleman who had walked down and asked if I minded sharing a hole and was about 40 feet downstream, and a family working on their cabin across the river. I had just cast, when out of the corner of my eye I caught a movment upstream and saw rounding the bend straight down the middle of the river, a large bird.

I guess because of Byron's recent reports on the eagle making it's home here, and mostly because I had never seen one in flight, I knew this was diffirent and maybe the one. Only thirty feet above the water it coasted on large wings close enough where you could see it's steady eye scanning the water. It passed me with just clearance to clear the bridge as I shouted to the man below me who was now on his cell phone to look up.

Saying the bird was majestic in flight does not even begin to describe the sighting. I wish had time to grab a picture but it was one of those moments in nature you never forget picture or no picture. Coming on the heels of Pearl Harbor day it was only fitting to see our national bird in it's full glory, not in a zoo but in full flight close enough to touch and in a natual setting.

It is very easy for those of us lucky to live in this area to sometines forget what a jewel we have here in our mountains, local lakes and rivers.
Somedays its just good to sit on a bank, wet a line and just open your eyes to the bounty around us. Now shut off that computer and get outdoors!