Randall...I always enjoy your posts..I camp and fish Elkmont area every fall with my best friend and we used to bump into you almost every year walking in or out of the LR above Elkmont...you were the first fisherman I ever saw in the Park that saw carry bear spray...and I hope to see you again this year. I will be up there in the Spring for a smallmouth float trip with another board member I hope. While up there last year we saw a tenkara fisherman above the old turnaround...watched him for several minutes...interest concept but like I said it is almost like the fishing I did as a boy with a long cane pole. I can remember a neighbor, he was actually Pat Boone's grandfather, describing fishing for largemouth on the St. Johns River...they called it jigger fishing...used a very long and very stout cane pole with only 3-4 feet of line and would dabble or jigger a glob of plastic worms around the lily pads waiting for the explosion.