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    With Troutfest volunteers taking a much deserved break, Saint Clair Mapping is keenly interested in locating a low cost, yet reasonably high traffic kiosk or similar indoor venue in the Sevierville area for meeting current and would be anglers, answering questions about Park and East TN fly fishing waters, passing out Trout Unlimited information, fishing regulations, etc. and, yeah, selling a thing or too.

    If you prefer, you may send your suggestion to me at

    Having just migrated to 4G with a wireless hot spot and "Square," we can operate with the need for only an electrical outlet and, of course,... a nearby restroom. I envision visitors viewing demos and even five or so simultaneoulsy logging on to our Verizon Jet Pack to download freebies to their devices. (Hmmm, that'll rack up the ol' data charges, but heah...)

    The desired timeframe is the month of March. We are willing to ante up around the same amount charged for Troutfest exhibitors, which was an absolute bargain.

    Mrs. Maps and I would appreciate any and all "hep" locating a spot.

    Thanks, JF
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